Pre-Lit Slim Manitoba Spruce Christmas Tree (2.1m / 7ft)

only £199.00

Green Kateson Fir Artificial Christmas Tree (2.1m / 7ft)

only £119.00

Kaemingk Everlands Snowy Alaskan Flock Christmas Tree - 7ft by Kaeming...

only £99.99

Swift - 7ft Serena Artificial Christmas Tree from Swift Imports

£99.00 £52.49

Green Christmas Tree 7.5 ft - Minnesota Slim Pine - Artificial Christm...

only £104.99

Gardman Alberta Slim Artificial Tree 7ftxDia.120cm Christmas Decoratio...

only £27.50

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As good as the real one 7ft christmas tree

Christmas decorations in homes are dominated by attractive Christmas trees. Over the years people have found various methods of making the trees more and more attractive. Serial color lighting is just one of those features. Children eagerly look forward to see the Christmas tree when they wake up on the Christmas day. It is because the stockings containing their gifts or the gift packages will be attached to the branches of the tree. A 7ft christmas tree adds beauty elegance to the entire decorative and festive set up. It is next to impossible to get a real tree of this height.

Features of the tree

Decorating the living room in the most attractive way is the key element in Christmas celebrations in homes. The main attraction is the Christmas tree.Therefore people with innovative thoughts have brought 7ft christmas tree. They are artificial but they look like the real one. There are several types available in the market each with its own variations and pricing. It is great that artificial tree in spite of the 7ft height it can be easily carried to the house from the shop. The tree comes in a knock out condition; child may find it a great fun by assembling the tree at home.

Because of the variety available people may be little confused about the choice. Details can be had from several online stores which offer different options from which a proper selection can be made. Prices vary according to the quality as well as any extra features that may come. Apart from price and quality size also is a matter for consideration. The height of 7ft is no problem but space has to found for the base of the tree. Assembling is not at all difficult. More and more innovations like fine pine, scented candles etc are all features that come with modern Christmas trees.


When you get a free lit 7ft christmas tree it makes the job of illuminating it that much easier. Though the assembling part will be fun, people will still like to enjoy the holiday in a more relaxed manner than spending time working on the tree. Some people may feel that the natural scent that comes with the real tree will be missed when compared to an artificial tree. With several sprays available in the market this aspect can be easily overlooked especially so with the several advantages of going for an artificial tree.

There are several advantages going for 7ft christmas tree that is artificial. One of them is, not having to pick up dried needles that fall from real tree. The other is that no watering is needed. The main advantage is of course avoiding the repetitive spending every Christmas for a tree. Such spending is inevitable in the case of live trees. With an artificial tree it is possible to disassemble it after the festive season is over. The various parts can be easily packed and stored in the attic or any other storage area. Having seven feet artificial Christmas tree is a great way of enjoying the festive season with family and friends.